GiveLife Color System by default in Scribus Open Source for Publishing Design.

Good news for GiveLife CS , the development team of Scribus has decided to incorporate the two Color Palettes CMYK and RGB by default to the new version of Scribus 1.4.1 which will be ready in a few months. Scribus is highly respected worldwide. We send a big hello to all the developers and users worldwide. I leave here some the links of Scribus with full information and how you can download the software.


Presentation of GiveLife CS in the I Congress of Free Software organized by Asturix Project and Sponsored by Cenatic and the CEEI (European Business and Innovation) in Asturias - Spain.


We were invited to the I Congress of Open Source Software which took place in Langreo-Asturias-Spain. Right there we present the second product of GiveLife CS , the Color Palette in RGB with 5101 shades of color. The Palette has been incorporated into the new version of the Operative System ASTURIX 4 (Linux Distribution). The truth was a Congress full of surprises , we learned a lot and we meet people who are often anonymous but doing a great job in the field of software , wich for us were a great pleasure. from here we send a big hug.


to see more photos and info of the Congress.