Interview with Jon Maddog Hall President of Linux , Luis Ivan Cuende Leader of Asturix OS and Gabriel Vano Creator of GiveLife CS

This year we have visited campus party 2011 in Valencia-Spain  and we saw and heard to Jon Maddog Hall. President and Executive Director of Linux International , celebrating the 20 years old of Linux. "Maddog" was there quite busy preparing for his presentation which begun at 10 minutes and we went to meet him and to talk with and exchange views about our project. From the frist time showed interest about our project but his conference was going to start in a minute , then i asked him the possibility to have and interview the next day , he told me , yes. His speech was spectacular full of people listening and enjoying. The next day we reported to the campus party at the agreed time and he was there working on his laptop and we asked him , do you want to continue with our conversation of yesterday? he said , OK. We were over an hour talking , exchanging views , then both enjoyed it so much we immerse ourselves fully in the project , which he personally saw a great potencial. He gave us many tips and the truth are we were very good and interesting. When finished the interview he told me he would like to introduce us to a person that with just 15 years old he created a distro of linux , i was impressed. This person was Luis Ivan Cuende  creator of Asturix OS.  "Maddog" , Luis I van and myself were talking about GiveLife CS and from the beginning Luis Ivan was very receptive all the time to the explanation of "Maddog". After I had a meeting with Luis Ivan and to explain him a little more the project. The result of our meeting , it was very interesting ........... As a picture is worth a thousand words , here we leave a few pictures of what happened that day.