GiveLife Color System put online the Color Palette more biggest of the world with 5101 shades and it is incorporated into the Operative System "Asturix" (GNU/Linux Distribution)

GiveLife CS put online the Color Palette in RGB with 5101 shades of color. We believe that this tool is very interesting and beneficial to designers of video-games , animations , graphic designers , web designers , arts , arquitecture and of course in many more areas of work. This tool will help the designers in general , saving time and to forget about having to create your own color palette , because with this palette the designers can find the most desirable shades of color. This Color Palette has been tested by designers demanding and the conclusion of all them is very clear , it is a right tool for the virtual design development. Currently this Palette is by default in GIMP with the Operative System ASTURIX OS one of the most innovative Linux Distributions "Distro".